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The SEE Everything Portal is a powerful web-based platform, assisting local authority procurement teams with real-time Social Value reporting including Skills, Education & Employment (SEE) across a wide range of sectors.


Capture evidence-based data, with automatic data validation for accuracy and ease of use, for the entire life-cycle of your project.


Visualise data in real time via the smart dashboard and create quick and simple reports with just a few clicks.


Utilise your recorded data to demonstrate your social value activity when tendering for new projects and to inform continuous improvement and innovation.

The SEE Everything Portal benefits local authorities and the communities you serve – improving and strengthening relationships and driving engagement in social value activities through accountability. All at the touch of a button.

What is Social Value?

Social value has become an ever-growing metric across all sectors, especially for public spending. The Social Value Act implemented in 2013, requires all public sector organisations and entities to look beyond the financial aspects of projects and consider how these can positively benefit the economic, social and environmental well-being of the areas they directly affect.

We recognise that many organisations involved in these high profile projects, do not have the tools or resources to properly measure and record the metrics outlined in the Social Value Act.

Without this information, positive outcomes are not measured or reported on, making it difficult to fully deliver value into the communities affected, evaluate the project, and illustrate a track-record of social value when tendering for new projects.

Take a look around

Modules can be added to include specific metrics that might be more important to particular clients, projects or communities.

  • Admin Dashboard Overview:

    The admin dashboard lets you manage your SEE Points and their asscoiated value, the reporting periods, supply chain and of course create reports from the data captured. Below is an overview of the admin dashboard.

  • Company Dashboard Overview:

    The company dashboard lets your supply chain accept their SEE commitments and forecast how they will be delivered over the allotted times. It also allows them to post roles they are trying to fill, engage with apprentices, volunteer for school enagements, all these actions adding to their SEE score.

  • School Dashboard Overview:

    Schools and further education facilities have a simplified version of the dashboard. Here they can view basic information about their school and current / historical engagements. To see which companies have applied and to review past engagements, they can navigate into view engagements.

  • Job Broker Dashboard Overview:

    The job broker dashboard is similar to the simplified aschool dashboard. It is designed to notify the brokage of a new opportunity, create a shareable link and monitor applicants.

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Company Dashboard

  • School Dashboard

  • Job Broker Dashboard

The SEE Everything Portal can be easily accessed and used across all types of device. The interface can be personalised and branded to your company and implemented globally or on a project-by-project basis, depending on your requirements.

Reports can be produced for any of the recorded data and have proven to be key in measuring SEE performance and demonstrating capabilities and awareness for tendering. This reporting will soon become a mandatory requirement for the tendering process.

Our customers

“This is a great portal that has really supported me in achieving my goals and targets to support the community that we are working in. This reduces the time taken in constantly chasing educational institutions, it is a very quick and efficient portal which allows me to book in engagements, rather than phoning and emailing people. I will continue using this portal  and gain all the goodness from it!

T.C. – Social Sustainability Advisor

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